The house

Five centuries of history

Viana Palace with declared a National Historical-Artistic Monument and Artistic Garden, it is one of the main tourist attractions of Córdoba. The uniqueness conferred to it by its 12 courtyards makes it to be known as the Museum of the Courtyards.

Five centuries of history make up Viana. Five centuries where the courtyards have always been the protagonists of this building that has grown almost organically, the result of additions and alterations over time. A lived in house inhabited until the late 20th century by noble families, however, with great traditional character.

The Córdoba courtyard, heir to Roman and Arabic tradition has in Viana its greatest historical representation.


Discover the Palace

The courtyards

The courtyard, heir to the Roman and Arabic tradition has in Viana its broadest historical representation: from the neighbouring courtyards of medieval origin, an example of local architecture, to the Renaissance courtyards as symbols of power and lineage.

The house

Viana offers the possibility to visit a real noble house and discover an evolution of architectural styles, decorative arts and aristocracy related environments.

The History

Being transported to other times, knowing the evolution in their lifestyles, their tastes and the important role that these power elites exerted throughout history.

Plan your visit

Finding out about schedules, rates and the fastest way to get to this authentic Courtyards Museum, declared in 1981, a “National Historical-Artistic Monument and Artistic Garden”, opened to tourism every day of the week except Mondays.