Social Activity



Cajasur Foundation (Fundación Cajasur) has identified Social Innovation as one of the strategic lines of work, aligning with the priorities set by the European Union through its European calendar 2020. In this sense it has become particularly relevant to try to promote the most innovative and cutting-edge experiences of the environment.

To this end, in 2011 we undertook the International Congress for Social Innovation marking a reference to where we wanted to go. During the period 2012 – 2014 we worked on what the Guide for Social Innovation of the EU called “Mapping”, in order to identify within our regional area, those organisations that can be considered Innovative Socially and we have refocused our aid programme to projects that contribute to the development of Social Innovation.

Our challenge is to continue this path we have set next to the third most innovative sector of social action of our scope.

Cultural activities



Culture is an expressive phenomena and social relationship which, as defined by UNESCO, means a distinctive and differentiating feature, being substantive not just in its differentiating capacity, but its substrate role on which any project in society is built on. In this sense from the CajaSur Foundation, own cultural activities have been promoted and in collaboration with different institutions that favour this construction. We have two reference areas for the development of these actions. On one hand Viana Palace which since some years ago has become, as well as a unique heritage site, a cultural container with own programming, ranging from Theatre or Poetry Cycles or Cycles of “other music” called “Eclectic Nights”. On the other hand in order to carry out more intimate and direct activities, with the Church of la Magdalena, an area through which, Mastretta, Lole Montoya or Toni Zenet among other great artists have passed over recent years. In addition, these spaces have been used to carry out exhibitions such as The Impossible, The Unattainable, as well as others in collaboration with other institutions.

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