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Access to researchers

In the national and international research scene, the Viana Palace has had little relevance since its opening to the public in 1980. Currently, there is work going on regarding ways to collaborate with universities and specialist study centres on those elements that give to Viana its main features (courtyards, decorative arts, history, nobility, archive, etc.). The palace has a space devoted to researchers arranged in several areas: consultation room with several research posts, consulting room of the auxiliary library, meeting room and multi-purpose space.

Currently some research works are being carried on collections and the diagnosis of deterioration agents for the proper conservation of the Palace. Together the study of some collections has begun, in collaboration with top national experts, as a priority to know their significance and added value indispensable in museographic discussions.

There are some publications about the property or its collections:

  • Solano Márquez, Francisco; Visita al Palacio de Viana (y pequeña historia de su reivindicación), Caja Provincial de Ahorros, 1980
  • Moreno Manzano, Joaquín; Guía del Palacio-Museo de Viana, Caja Provincial de Ahorros, 1997
  • Lara Arrebola, Francisco; Artes textiles en el Palacio de Viana en Córdoba, Caja Provincial de Ahorros, 1982
  • Delgado León, Feliciano; Los libros de caza de la Biblioteca del Palacio de Viana, Caja Provincial de Ahorros, 1982
  • Porras Castillo, I. / Domínguez Vílchez, E. / Moreno Manzano, J.; Jardín y patios del Palacio de Viana, Caja Provincial de Ahorros de Córdoba, 1984
  • Márquez Hidalgo, Juana; Los muebles del Palacio de Viana, estudio histórico artístico de los muebles de asiento, Fundación CajaSur, 2000
  • Primo Jurado, Juan José; Memoria Histórica y Vida de la Nobleza a través del Archivo Viana (Siglos XII-XXI), Fundación CajaSur, 2009
  • Moreno Cuadro, Fernando; El Palacio de Viana de Córdoba: el prestigio de coleccionar y exhibir, Fundación CajaSur, 2010
  • Moreno Cuadro, F. / Delgado Sánchez, E.; Patios de Viana. 5 siglos, 12 patios e infinitas sensaciones, Fundación CajaSur, 2012


In addition to these publications there are multiple studies from public and private institutions with sections devoted to Viana and that have opened new avenues for investigation in addition to historical one. The research programme raises some lines that have been outlined and complemented by new ones:

  • The urban environment and local society
  • The historic site of the town and its courtyard houses
  • The movable heritage
  • The constructed heritage
  • Restoration
  • Plant species and the conservation, restoration and maintenance of botanical diversity
  • The study of the visitor and their motivations …
  • Research line linked to the management of cultural heritage

One of the objectives of the institution is to encourage and promote knowledge of the history of the Palace, its background, collections and dissemination centre.