Saint Raphael




This is a beautiful painting born of the brushes of Cordovan artist Antonio Acisclo Palomino from the town of Bujalance. The work is signed on the lower right-hand side with the monogram Palomino and the date 1677. This painting is therefore clear testimony to the spirit of full-fledged Baroque which Palomino achieved while painting in Madrid, reaching maximum levels of beauty and elegance. At the same time, it has a distinct catechetical message, since this archangel was invoked as Medicina Dei, i.e. the doctor who used divine will to heal the sick, which is why his painted image was nearly always in hospitals.

The distinguished and harmonious figure of the archangel clearly shows his sign, the fish, whose gall he used to cure the blindness of Tobias’ father. In the background of the painting, there is a representation of a beautiful landscape in which the archangel and Tobias remove from the river the large fish that will be used in the aforementioned healing.

Enrique Valdivieso González.
Professor of Art History.

Palacio de Viana