in the palace

What takes place inside Viana?

Mainly research on funding and diagnosis of deterioration agents for the proper conservation of the Palace. The study of some collections and conservation tasks of the Viana background has been undertaken jointly. Conservation work of the works and heritage of the palace is also being performed.

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In the national and international research scene, the Viana Palace has had little relevance since its opening to the public in 1980. Currently, ways to collaborate are being looked into with universities and specialised research centres. Further Information Conservation A major function of any museum is the preservation of its collections. This mission is particularly complex in the case of the Viana Palace, being a historic building not intended as a museum.

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Una de las principales funciones de todo museo es la conservación de sus colecciones. Esta misión es especialmente compleja en el caso del Palacio de Viana al tratarse de un edificio histórico no pensado como museo

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The main objective of the restoration of objects belonging to the artistic, historic and cultural heritage, is to slow deterioration and prevent the loss of the object, acting on the damage of the different avatars in the history of each piece.